​​No Hidden Fees

We offer 4 speed packages:

​- 3 Mbps download/ 1 Mbps  upload  for $35.00/month + tax

- 5 Mbps download/ 2 Mbps upload for $49.99/month + tax

- 7 Mbps download/ 3 Mbps upload for $64.99/month + tax

- 10 Mbps download/ 4 Mbps upload for $85.00/month + tax


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Good Connections, LLC, founded in 2007, is a family run, locally based company providing internet service to the rural areas in eastern Howard County and southern Miami County, Indiana.

There is no charge for the installation, equipment, and there is no serivce contract to sign. The customer is responsible for the monthly fee and purchasing a router.

Good Connections, LLC


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